Books of the Bible Outline (Genesis 39–41)

Starting with Genesis 39, the rest of Genesis is mostly about Joseph. In the three chapters of today’s reading, Joseph is seen in three different houses—Potiphar’s house, the prisoners’ house and Pharaoh’s house. Genesis 39—Joseph in Potiphar’s House. Joseph was sold by his wicked brothers to some traveling merchants who sold Joseph into slavery in... Continue Reading →

books of the Bible outline

 (Genesis 21–23) More incidences in the life of Abraham are recorded in these three chapters from Genesis. In these chapters we see the faith of Abraham growing and becoming stronger. Genesis 21:1–21—Son for Abraham. The promised son was finally born to Abraham and Sarah. •Circumstances for Isaac: in spite of the opposing circumstances, such as... Continue Reading →


 (Genesis 16–18) The three chapters of this reading record more experiences of Abraham which show the development (and sometimes the digression) of the faith of Abraham. Genesis 16—Compromise of Abraham. This was a very sinful compromise. •Suggesting of the compromise: Sarah, Abraham’s wife, suggested the compromise which demonstrates how very subtle temptation can be. •Specifics... Continue Reading →

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