Errors in Prophecy

(a) What are charged as such may frequently be explained by remembering that much of prophecy is yet unfulfilled. It is sometimes taken for granted that the book of Revelation, for example, refers entirely to events already past. Moses Stuart, in his Commentary, and Warren’s Parousia, represent this preterist interpretation. Thus judged, however, many of... Continue Reading →

Seeking God

God’s heart is for people to seek him God wants people to seek himAc 17:27See also 1 Ch 16:11; 1 Ch 22:19; Ps 14:2; Ac 15:16–17; Am 9:11–12; Heb 11:6God calls people to seek himIs 55:6–7See also Ho 10:12; Am 5:4–6God promises that people will seek himJe 50:4See also Ho 3:4–5; Ho 5:13–15; Zep 2:3; Zec 8:20–23God promises to be found by those who seek himPr 8:17See... Continue Reading →

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