Missed opportunities

Four observations David Jeremiah After years of watching Christians miss opportunities God has set before them, though, I can offer four observations about why we don’t walk through God’s open doors. First, opportunities are often disguised as problems.   It was the brilliant cartoon philosopher Pogo who once observed, “Gentlemen, we are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities.” ... Continue Reading →

Errors in Prophecy

(a) What are charged as such may frequently be explained by remembering that much of prophecy is yet unfulfilled. It is sometimes taken for granted that the book of Revelation, for example, refers entirely to events already past. Moses Stuart, in his Commentary, and Warren’s Parousia, represent this preterist interpretation. Thus judged, however, many of... Continue Reading →

Special Revelation through Visions

Visions are revelatory experiences that manifest before the visionary God’s will, plans, and/or perspective. Alongside dreams and theophanies, visions are a means by which God has occasionally chosen to reveal his will to certain individuals for the purpose of guiding, warning, comforting, encouraging, or even pronouncing judgment on his people (or the enemies of God’s... Continue Reading →

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