Errors in Prophecy

(a) What are charged as such may frequently be explained by remembering that much of prophecy is yet unfulfilled. It is sometimes taken for granted that the book of Revelation, for example, refers entirely to events already past. Moses Stuart, in his Commentary, and Warren’s Parousia, represent this preterist interpretation. Thus judged, however, many of... Continue Reading →

The Bible

The Bible is the written word of God and therefore the supreme constitution of his covenant people. God’s special revelation, the revelation of his saving purpose, takes many forms, some of them unwritten. But God also intends to give his revelation in permanent form. According to Genesis, the patriarchs erected memorials so that later generations... Continue Reading →

God’s Attributes

God’s attributes are God’s revealed descriptions of his own nature and character. They are unique to him because he is unique. Describing the attributes (or characteristics or perfections) of God’s being is different from describing the attributes of any other being because God the Creator has a nature completely different from that of any of... Continue Reading →

The Doctrine of the Triune

The doctrine of God encompasses the Christian description of the Triune God’s being or essence as well as God’s names, attributes, and works according to Scripture. The doctrine of God is the horizon of all Christian theology. It’s built into the very name “theology”: it’s “logos about theos“—that is, “speech about God.” That’s why people... Continue Reading →

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