This Is My Testimony

Updated 12/26/19

The first picture I post is the surgery I had on December 13th. The second one is what it looks like after the surgery on December 20th, my husband Steven Green got to take off my bandages and I had him take a picture so I could see what my surgeon did. And the 3rd is the scan showing where it is at, the yellow circle is the paddle of the stimulator the yellow lines going down are the leads. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for all your prayers.

Update 11/12/19.
I’m so excited, I got a call I’ve been waiting for. I get to have a spinal cord stimulator put in to help or get rid of alot of my pain. So that I can start having more of a life, seeing people, going places,being able to get out of bed. Because pain is so bad and is all day every day, and other issues that the lady said is my nerve,will be fixed or lessened by by 75%. Makes me very happy, I know God will take care of me through the surgery, because God allowed it to happen that I get it. Just don’t know date yet when I’ll get surgery.

This is also why I’m not able to keep up on post but trying to do what I can. first shared this in May, but have a update, my husband Steven Green and I went to the neurosurgeon again. I told him what was still happening, first he said with all the places I was showing I hurt he thought I needed to see a Rheumatologists because it sounded like diffuse pain. Then I told him I had fallen and landed on my butt 3 times in the last year, he said why did you fall that many times, I said I don’t know getting up in middle of night going to bathroom and slipping on stuff on the floor. So he ordered a MRI and CT Scan of sacrum and coccyx. Now I’ll post my testimony that I did in May, Pictures 1 of surgery 3or 5 days after and a picture of how your coccyx should look and how mine is. Neurosurgeon said he has never seen this before. Im going to talk with him again after thinking about what we talked about doing for this, I’m going back to say I change my mind and want it fixed. Hopefully he will, because when we had talked he was saying something about surgery wasn’t really an option or something like that. But I’ve looked up about this, and if we do a spinal cord stimulator isn’t going to help issues that are coming from this being this way,it would help the pain. But I think he forgot what I told him was happening along with pain.

I’m sharing my testimony, for 5 years I’ve lived with chronic pain. 4 years ago I had a disc in my neck that was halfway thru my spinal cord. Had surgery to remove it, and surgeon left me not being paralyzed and relieved some major pain issues. I have 3 to 4 more disc in lower thoracic spine and upper lumbar spine, that are in my spinal cord just not that far in. Surgeon said with where and what I’m describing by removing them wont stop the pain I have now. I’m on pain medication and muscle relaxers to help control the pain. I also have heart issues, Heart Dr said if I have surgery I most likely won’t make it off the table due to my Heart issues. My heart is only working at 30 to 35% I have Takotsubo cardiomyopathy that should have went away I believe in 6 weeks I’ve had it for a little over 4 years now, so its not going away the Medicne he has me on is keeping my heart from getting worse. I have non sustained ventricular tachycardia and Supraventricular tachycardia,and a bunch of other health issues. Before this I had fallen away from the Lord Jesus, thru this I have never been so close to Jesus as I am now. I pray to him if he is going to heal me please don’t let me be the way I was before this happened, I don’t want to live like that again away from him. And if he isn’t just help the medication I take to help with my pain so I can deal with it easier. Some days are better then others. In Kansas where I live we are getting hammered with storms, I’m hurting really bad from these storms and medication isn’t working. But what is, is doing this page I help post to another page that isn’t mine and I listen to my favorite pastor John MacArthur every night about 3 to 4 sermons that are an hour long. Hopefully this September I’m able to go see him, my husband Steven Green is taking me to see him in person and get to watch his sermon being with him I’m so excited. Here is a picture of my surgery 5 days after it this was 4 years ago. But like I said Jesus has so blessed me, he setup this page for me I wanted to do a page but wasn’t sure how and a week later I got a notification from Logo’s Bible Software if I would like to do a page and share what I have bought from them. I smiled and said thank you Jesus as you knew I wanted to do a page and didn’t know how, and didn’t want any person left behind and go to hell for not knowing Jesus and be saved and go to Heaven where there will be no more death or pain we will live in peace Amen Praise the Lord for dying for us on that cross so that we can have that.

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    1. It’s been ruff still have issues with pain, but most of the time it’s from doing stuff besides sitting. Before that last surgery I was in bed almost a year. So I’m sure my muscles are weak, once this virus stuff is over Dr said to walk in a heated swimming pool for 10 minutes a day and slowly work up that way it’s not on ruff on the body but helps build muscles back up.

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